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Schott Zwiesel Tritan Cru Classic Riesling Glass

Schott Zwiesel (a brand of Zwiesel Kristallglas, AG) has a 130 year history of innovation and success, including such break through developments as the first machine made stemware and the first lead-free crystal glass.

Classic shapes with balance, subtle bowl shapes and just the right stem height; includes all the best sizes; great for any occasion or everyday. Resistant to breakage and chipping, dishwasher-safe, stain-scratch resistant, retaining their brilliance over the life of the glass.

Recommended wines include Port, Maderia, Sauternes and Muscat

- Machine blown in brilliant, break-resistant lead-free crystal.
- Completely dishwasher safe; do not force bowl tightly over dishwasher rack prongs. If hand washing or drying, do not twist stem and bowl while holding one or the other tightly.
- Volume 10.8 oz
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