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About Us

We think you should know that Cookworks is not just a locally owned kitchen shop. Think of us as kitchen enablers - but in a good way.

After all, every moment you spend preparing food for yourself means you are not reviving embalmed meals in the microwave or ingesting manufactured food in fewer seconds than it takes to make. Every minute in your kitchen is time to be conscious of what you are eating, and why, and where your food comes from and all the good that it does. Also, it's fun: learning new things, remembering old favourites, making mistakes, having little victories - every time you eat. Even more, nothing brings friends and family closer than time together cooking and eating. Not even texting.

So we're proud to bring you the best kitchen gear we can find, and you'll be seeing more and more chefs and local food artisans sharing what they know in our classes. But we won't really be happy until we know that you're getting more out of the most important room in your home. Because we really believe that the one thing everyone can make in their kitchen is a better life.